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Somnium has invested in the most valuable asset, people. Through knowledge and experience our team will structure and apply cost effective management strategy ensuring that your yacht and interests are in safe hands.

Creating strong bonds with our clients force us to be creative, resilient, and passionate. Providing a direct link between you and our team, we ensure all operational, technical, and financial needs are handled with the utmost discretion. The safety of your yacht, guests and crew is our highest priority.


From advising on how to prepare a yacht for charter, to promoting it on an international platform, we offer top notch services.

In Somnium, we strive to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients. Delivering quantifiable results, we advise you on how best to equip your yacht for charter, negotiate charters on your behalf, and manage the entire process, all supported by our extensive market analysis to keep you one step ahead of the competition. Acting through trust and integrity our No.1 priority is delivering what’s best for you and your yacht. 


A quality yacht-crew is crucial for the efficient and safe operation of any yacht. We provide all the necessary support and guidance to ensure a smooth process for all involved, all the time. Our team members following a career in navy with expertise in surface warfare and in the broaden maritime industry, have acquired extensive knowledge of crew management.

In Somnuim, we ensure that crew are employed in a legitimate structure and in compliance with local and international legislation. We work with the captain and under the guidance of the owner, to provide the full range of crew management services, proving that managing human resources is one of our key competences.

Event Planning

The SOMNIUM team and its network are ready to organize tailor made events for every occasion either on board or at high profile venues. Upon request we are ready to offer high-end services in a timely manner.

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